Coaching & Self-Help

Conference Calling & the Coaching & Self-Help Industries:

Assist Clients with Real-Time Communication that Works

Whether you’re a financial coach, career planner, self-help counselor or other guidance professional, you’re in the business of helping others by way of targeted, expert communication. As such, your business relies on constant contact with others, continual career training, and expert strategies that spell results for those with whom you work.

Perhaps you hold career reinvention seminars. Maybe you’re an education planner with a large client base. Whatever your focus area is, state-of-the-art conference calling can bring your practice to the next level. Expand your practice with coaching by phone. Get together with other self-help professionals from around the world. Connect in real time without straining your budget with unnecessary travel expenses.

  • Discuss new industry developments with your coaches and counselors
  • Connect with other professionals to share success stories and best practices
  • Stage a live question-and-answer session for clients
  • Conduct real-time motivational sessions for clients from near and far
  • Hold high-impact planning sessions by phone
  • Bring your clients together in open group sessions on a specific topic

Your clients come to you for regular, expert communication that helps them reach their goals. Give them the tools they need. Respond quickly when it matters most. With 24/7 access to your reservation-free conference room – and optional, operator-assisted service – you can connect with your clients more often and more effectively.

Discover forward-thinking conference-call solutions for your business. Contact your Eagle account executive today for event call service and pricing details.