Company Wide-Announcements

When you’re making a company-wide address, you can’t afford poor connections. Eagle Conferencing is your partner in hosting flawless phone meetings that conveys what employees need to know, whether it’s company objectives, directives, or success stories.

  • Enable participants to connect instantly with convenient, dial-in access
  • Bring together employees from multiple office locations
  • Provide information that everyone needs to know, with amazing audio quality
  • Use lecture mode to maintain control and make uninterrupted announcements
  • Limit background noise with individual line muting
  • Record your session for future review and playback (if required)

Enhance Your Call with Optional Services

Eagle Conferencing is committed to providing everything you need to make your company address a success, including operator-assisted calls to assist you. These options are available in addition to our regular, high-quality service.

  • Deliver reminders to all team members via outbound messaging
  • Link your operator-assisted presentation to a listen-only audience
  • Assign voicemail boxes that can be updated daily, weekly or monthly
  • Give your top executives the first-class treatment they expect

Discover forward-thinking conference-call solutions for your business. Contact your Eagle account executive today for event call service and pricing details.