Continuing Education

Welcome to the golden age of online learning! When you need to bring your students together, conference calls are the perfect solution. With convenient real-time access, you can field questions, present challenging materials, and solidify your lessons with live discussion.

  • Bring together your entire class while minimizing expenses
  • Provide dial-in access to students in any location
  • Track attendance with a quick roll call of attendees
  • Enhance your lesson plan with interactive question-and-answer sessions
  • Use lecture mode to maintain control and make uninterrupted announcements
  • Limit background noise with individual line muting
  • Opt for digital recording and playback and provide transcripts to your students (optional)

Beat the Learning Curve with Real-Time Communication

Whether reviewing for a final exam or learning challenging material, students rely on instructor guidance. With calling services from Eagle Conferencing, you can create a virtual classroom from any distance.

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