Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our services. If you have a question that’s not addressed, please feel free to contact us at any time.

What is audio conferencing?

With audio conferencing, you can bring your entire team together, even if they’re separated by oceans. Real-time audio conferencing is a flexible solution that allows you to connect in real time by phone.

What is a conference call service provider?

A conference-call service provider is independent of your local phone company. It is a separate company licensed by a DoT of India to provide value-added services, including conferencing and voicemail.

Why do I need audio conferencing?

When your company is working on a project, teamwork drives results. Via teleconference, you can easily make pitches, strategize, discuss and resolve problems, and bring key players together in an instant. It’s an inexpensive communication solution, no matter what the project. Our ability to handle large, event-based calls also enables you to make virtual proposals and presentations to audiences worldwide.

What are the primary benefits of audio conferencing?

Indian businesses serve as major players in the global marketplace. Audio conferencing is an instant communication solution that allows for enhanced productivity, day in and day out.

* Stay in constant contact with new and potential clients
* Respond to obstacles by connecting key players
* Reduce travel time and costs for your employees

Why do I need a conference call service provider? Why can’t I use my own PABX or PBX?

* Enhanced Clarity: Our conferencing systems provide you with AGC (automatic gain control), whereby the system will automatically adjust the volume of each caller.

* Centralized Access: Most PABX systems have conferencing for up to 8 users, but either the caller must initiate or you must call each party, with no caller control. We provide you with an open bridge that your participants can dial into at any time.

* Greater Call Control: Whether on the phone or in person, moderation is the key to a successful meeting. Our services enable you to have complete control over every call.

What are some of the common business uses for audio conferencing?

* Marketing & PR: Get ahead, whether making product announcements, developing your marketing plan, or kicking off a new product line.

* Business Development: Seek out new clients and continue to impress those you already have with constant, relevant communication.

* Active Project Management: Especially when working with remote employees or clients, the best-run projects rely on continued communication.

* Budgeting & Finance: Whether negotiating a contract or discussing budgetary concerns, real-time dialogue between interested parties is essential.

What is the minimum contract period?

With Eagle Conferencing, you’re never locked into a contract. It’s just one more way that we provide flexible, business-centric communications solutions to our clients.


Who is the moderator?

A moderator is the organizer of the conference call. Using a special code, the moderator opens the conference line, allowing other callers to dial in.

Who are participants and attendees?

A participant or attendee is anyone invited by the moderator to participate in the conference call. Participants access the conference line by entering their participant code, which is provided by the moderator in the invitation.

How does a participant access the conference line?

With our state-of-the-art system, connecting to a conference call is easy. Participants simply:

1. Call the conference bridge number
2. Enter their pass code
3. Confirm the day, date, and time of the call

It is important that participants not call the conference bridge number early or at any other time than that which is scheduled; access to the conference line is only available as arranged for by the moderator. The correct pass code must be entered to gain access.

What should be done to avoid echoing in the conference call?

In the rare event that echoing occurs during your call, there is usually an easy solution.

* Be sure that all callers have connected using their own line; neither participants nor moderators should use three-way calling during the conference.
* In addition, each person should call in separately to maintain the high quality of the teleconference line.
* If an echo occurs only while a particular participant talks, that individual should hang up and reconnect.

How do I mute and un-mute during a call?

By pressing *6 on the telephone, you can utilize the mute function during a call. To get back to your call, press *6 again.

How do I increase of decrease the volume on all lines?

Simply press * 4 to increase the volume by +1Db, up to 3 times. If you keep pressing the same, it will go down by -1 Db. Once you finish your call, your phone will go back to 0Db automatically.

Can the moderator end the call before scheduled?

At any time, the moderator can press “*#” to end the conference immediately.

How can I change the conference line to lecture or listen-only mode?

Only the moderator can change the call to lecture mode. When the moderator presses * 5, the system will play a tone and then place all participant lines (except the moderator’s line) into listen-only mode.To get back to normal mode the Moderator should press * 5 again.

Why should you choose Eagle Conferencing over competition?

With Eagle Conferencing, you get the best of both worlds. With more than 20 years experience providing conference-call-services, our industry knowledge is second to none. We’re also small enough to provide all of the support you need – when you need it.

Is there a difference between your equipment and that used by compettition?

Most conference call service providers use similar equipment. For that reason, you will not see much difference in the features or services offered by many of the conference service providers in India. The difference with Eagle Conferencing is our commitment to superior service.

If there is no difference in equipment, why does the competition charge more than Eagle?

At Eagle, we believe in providing the best service at the best price. As to why our competitors choose to charge higher rates, you should ask them.

Do you provide operator services?

Yes, we provide customized operator services if you need them. To learn more about rates and features, contact your Eagle account executive.

What is your core strength?

Our core strength is in providing unattended, reservation-less conferencing with elite service at economical rates. To assist you in getting the best value out of your conferencing services, our pricing is designed in 3 tiers, which are based on your usage pattern.

Can I change my package or scheme in the middle of the month?

You can change your service at any time. If you elect to make changes at the end of the month, we will adjust your rates for the following month. Otherwise, we simply prorate the affected portion of the bill and adjust your billing from the time that changes are made.

What is your billing cycle?

We process all statements on the first of the calendar month.