Legal Applications

When it comes to legal matters, constant communication is essential. Eagle Conferencing helps you stay connected, whether you’re in the courtroom or working after hours from your home office. From arbitration, pre-trial hearings, and depositions to expert interviews, mediation, and client meetings, conference calls are the flexible, convenient way to get things done.

  • Use our reservation-free system to hold calls anytime, anywhere
  • Enable participants to connect instantly with convenient, dial-in access
  • Keep careful records with digital recording of call sessions
  • Employ optional entry tones for enhanced security
  • Use sub-conferencing to gather information when you need it
  • Lock your call with a security code that prevents additional callers from entering (Note: callers who are disconnected will not be able to re-enter once the call has been locked.)

Make Tracking Easy

With our reservation-based service, you can use different PIN numbers to separate calls. In addition, customized set-up options allow you to specify case numbers or project names to easily track expenses. Concerned about security? Vary passcodes for each client, or assign permanent codes for repeat calls. Get in touch to learn more.

Discover forward-thinking conference-call solutions for your business. Contact your Eagle account executive today.